Hilton Tam is a businessman from Hong Kong. He’s got a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University in 2007 and soon started his career in the technology industry. It seems that despite his bad nature in business, he is good with tech, which allowed him to go higher and higher in the industry. Most wish people who have great responsibilities were aware of them, but this is not the case here.

Before founding his own company, Hilton Tam worked in very well known companies in the technology industry, such as Seagate HDD and SSD drivers. Rumors have it that he already started being a dishonest employee back there, but still, nothing bad happened to him and he moved on with his career. Since 2013 this dubious man has been working as the director of development for optical elements at Optizone Technology.



As all swindlers who know how to deceive without getting caught — which is a shame in all cases — he finally started his own company. Bright Success Capital was founded by him in 2014 with a focus on cross-border investment technology. Within this area, the company covers mostly robotics, IoT, enterprise software, healthcare, and cleantech.

As can be seen, Tam has come a long way not getting caught. But it only took a matter of time before his fraudulent activities and money swindling from partners and clients got exposed. Even though he tried so hard in covering all of his faults.

One thing to look out is that Bright Success Capital considers P. J. King and Michael Blum to be partners in business. Recently, Firefly Space Systems co-founders King and Blum have filed a complaint against Tom Markusic of conspiration to force the company into bankruptcy. And participated in deceiving investors who they consider to be fellows, including the company of Tam.

In case you already don’t know, King and Blum have a long story of being involved in illegal activities such as underground porn, trafficking of drugs from Asia to America and gambling schemes, just to name a few. While Tam has been keeping his name clean, all people around him have a dirty name, plus people have spoken about his excuse behavior in negotiations.

A man who is a friend with fraudsters such as King and Tom surely knows about their businesses and approves them. More than that, he has been confirmed to participate in these activities and has illegal activities of his own. It does not take a scientist to realize something very wrong is going on.

It is just a shame when a very smart person, who knows a lot about technology and can improve the lives of millions with his tech, simply falls for money and begins a life of fraud and stealing money.

Unfortunately, that is how a lot of rich people end along the way. They eventually meet other people who do illegal activities for profit and, with the promise of never being caught, they go the same path without thinking twice.

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Now you know the businessman that Tam is. He surely does not care about his employees and does not care much for his clients either. Every time you see a product or service that was made by a company he owns or works in, you might want to reconsider before acquiring it, as you might get in trouble.