Dubious Businesses of Hilton Tam

When you hear that someone is a businessman, it is not uncommon to think – what they do? It’s such a vague word and can mean a lot of things. Like if you asked Mario Puzo’s Godfather, Don Corleone, he would also say that he is a businessman. After all, he was in the olive oil business, if you recall the story. But there was much more behind it, as we know.

The thing is we often think of it as fiction, but what we forget is that it is often based on real-life people and events.

The story of Hilton Tam

What we know about Hilton Tam is that he is a businessman from Hong Kong. Little is know about his early life except that he earned a degree in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University – West Lafayette. He worked in the Eagate Technology and Cisco System, only to later become a founder of the Bright Success Capital, a Hong Kong-based company. Although this company claims to be focused on robotics, AI, etc., Tam managed somehow to get involved in the black market and illicit drugs business. He is mainly linked with dealing tranquilizers but also importing other drugs from Europe, and it is believed that exactly this business significantly enlarged his fortune.

Besides Bright Success Capital he also owns 28 other businesses with completely unclear focus. It is not possible to find websites nor any other information for any of these companies. This makes us ask what exactly, besides drugs, malware, and other dubious activities, made Hilton Tam rich?

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